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Wankaner - Morbi on 27th / 28th August 1999

All pictures by Viraf Mulla

raj1.jpg (130764 bytes) raj2.jpg (114084 bytes) A ritual for the Wankaner bound railfans from Mumbai - the overtaking of their train, the 9017 Saurashtra Janata Express by the 2951 Mumbai Central - New Delhi Rajdhani Express at Palghar.
sau1.jpg (120853 bytes) Arrival at Wankaner in the morning, the train is the 9017 which has brought Viraf and British enthusiast Michael Smyth from Mumbai.
sau2.jpg (84820 bytes) The 9017 with the Vatwa shed WDM 2 leaves Wankaner for Jamnagar.
wkr3.jpg (101884 bytes) Early morning at the Wankaner steam shed.
wkr4.jpg (94305 bytes) wkr5.jpg (103805 bytes) The YG 3318 comes for coupling to the rake of the morning fast passenger by the platform road.
wkr1.jpg (117490 bytes) wkr2.jpg (129314 bytes) The two coach passenger departs towards Morbi, the YG 3318 runs tender foremost.
sau3.jpg (115373 bytes) sau4.jpg (113646 bytes) On the BG side of WKR, the 9005 Mumbai Okha Saurashtra Mail takes the curve towards  Jamnagar. The Ratlam shed WDM 2 # 17150 opens  throttle after clearing the curve.
ar.jpg (95505 bytes) wkr10.jpg (111393 bytes) WKR's MG accident relief rake. Scene from the shed.
wkr9.jpg (114092 bytes) wkr11.jpg (133761 bytes) The most photographed MG shed in the world with some current and former stable mates. 
wkr6.jpg (95654 bytes) wkr7.jpg (98449 bytes) wkr8.jpg (104269 bytes) YG 4369 basks in the morning sun
wkr16.jpg (115759 bytes) wkr15.jpg (101737 bytes) YGs 3261 and 4369 being prepared. YG 3261 on the mainline moving towards its train on the platform.  
wkr12.jpg (123302 bytes) wkr13.jpg (137911 bytes) wkr14.jpg (117765 bytes) The first train of the day arrives from Morbi Jn towards Wankaner Jn.
mvi1.jpg (153538 bytes) mvi2.jpg (161595 bytes) YP 2257, earmarked for export to USA simmers at the Morbi Jn. loop.
mvi3.jpg (131434 bytes) mvi4.jpg (99704 bytes) The clock tower at Morbi Jn.
mvi6.jpg (135849 bytes) mvi7.jpg (143055 bytes) mvi8.jpg (129942 bytes) Black beauty parade at Morbi Jn. in 1999 ! From the left YG 3318, YG 4369 and YP 2257
mvi5.jpg (147104 bytes) mvi9.jpg (107572 bytes) The rake of the incoming passenger from WKR has a freight wagon attached upfront. A committed railnut, Viraf poses with YG 3318 on the Morbi Jn. platform.
mvi10.jpg (135954 bytes) mvi11.jpg (92749 bytes) The crew of the YG 3318
Trip report by Viraf

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