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Some images of Neral and Matheran in December 1999

All pictures by Viraf Mulla.

udyan1.jpg (176003 bytes) udyan2.jpg (168783 bytes) udyan3.jpg (133513 bytes) 6529 Dn. Mumbai Bangalore Udyan Express blasts through Neral level crossing just after the station. 
emu1.jpg (143939 bytes) emu2.jpg (141616 bytes) emu3.jpg (129515 bytes) A Karjat bound EMU goes next. Matheran is on top of the mountain visible in the picture.
dq1.jpg (150745 bytes) dq2.jpg (146157 bytes) dq3.jpg (137211 bytes) 2124 Up Pune - Mumbai Deccan Queen speeds by after having descended the Bhore ghats.
pgt1.jpg (132208 bytes) pgt2.jpg (135221 bytes) pgt3.jpg (133307 bytes) Followed by the 1026 Up Pragati Express which leaves Pune 15 minutes after DQ.  Note the new RCF colour scheme in the trailing coaches.


nrl.jpg (100445 bytes) A historical note about the founder of the  Matheran Light Railway at Neral Station.
nrl1.jpg (117533 bytes)

A 'freight rake' at Neral with the NDM 6 in the background

nrl2.jpg (116957 bytes)

The Suri and Nayar NDM 6 Diesel Hydraulic mountain climbing loco. Note the angle cocks for brake pipes. This is something for the future, the MLR rakes do not have loco operated brakes as yet !

mlr1.jpg (154968 bytes) mlr2.jpg (156706 bytes) mlr3.jpg (122578 bytes)

This is the O&K tank loco 741 which has been plinthed at the Matheran station.

mlr4.jpg (152829 bytes)

mlr5.jpg (132499 bytes)

1300 hrs departure from Matheran showing the the short hood of the NDM 6 power.

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